"A Fun Romp with Some Enjoyable Fights and Wacky Characters... Something the Whole Family Can Enjoy."

—The Action Elite

"A Pretty Funny Satirical Meshing of Mobster Flicks and Kung Fu."

—World Film Geek

"Made in Chinatown is a fun, good-hearted action flick. And with that cast you can't go wrong!"

—Suki & Scott Show
"Made In Chinatown isn’t another hackneyed stereotypical fight film like so many that proliferate our genre. It’s a spoof of the Mafia movie genre as much as it is of Kung Fu flicks, as well as a love letter to the New York Kung Fu scene."
—Kung-Fu Magazine
"If you’re into hilariously complicated comedies, you’ll really like this one... [It] challenges the idea of forsaking your own culture using comedy and uncanny situations."
—Picture This Post


"...an able cast who play it straight despite being in on the joke, an energetic direction and some well-handled action set pieces all help make this one very entertaining movie for sure.

—Search My Trash


"A great movie. If you love Mob Movies with some Martial Arts and Comedy, then Made In Chinatown is for you. The finale will have everyone on the edge of their seats!"
—Asian Movie Pulse

“A witty, warm, and winsome look into the life of a wannabe goomba, whose more wushu than wiseguy.
—Urban Action Showcase Cinema

“Culturally awkward situations, funny dialogue, a love story, kick ass fight scenes, and self-realization... It's a hit!"
—The Film Fan Dojo

—Kung-Fu Drive-In Podcast

Film Combat Syndicate

"A certifiable effort in the Mob comedy genre... and as a martial arts hybrid with Jay Kwon as its star."
—Film Combat Syndicate

"A hit parade of celebrities from many decades... A film that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and representation of Asians, Italians and African-Americans!"
—Fan Review: Newark International Film Festival