Cast of Characters

Raymond_J._Barry-Made in Chinatown

Played by Raymond J. Barry
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Incredible character actor Raymond J. Barry ("Gotham", Walk Hard, Year of the Dragon), plays New York City Crime Commissioner Sean O’Greedy. He an Irish cop who walked the beat for decades and is now commissioner yet has nothing to retire on. So he makes deals with the Italian and Chinese crime families to control the spice racket in NY; the oldest crime syndicate begun centuries ago by Marco Polo. Problem is, he’s up for re-election and the families can’t get along.

Tony Darrow - Made in Chinatown

Played by Tony Darrow
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Wiseguy favorite and the Goodfella of Comedy Tony Darrow (Goodfellas, Bullets Over Broadway, Analyze This), plays Al Capella, the sharply dressed, street-smart MOB Boss who runs Manhattan’s Little Italy with a tight fist. He’s been in business so long because he knows how to make deals and when to break them.  Capella is at war with Condimento, his Brooklyn counterpart, for control of NY. He thinks Vinny is working for Hung Phat and sends him several messages before things get out of hand and the city is turned upside down.

Vincent Pastore - Made in Chinatown Movie

Played by Vincent Pastore
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Wiseguy fan-favorite Vincent Pastore ("The Sopranos," Goodfellas, Carlito's Way) plays Condimento, the has-been fight promoter turned Brooklyn MOB boss. He’s not as successful as Capella and is beholden to him for getting out of the fight business and into the spice racket. His HQ is an old boxing gym and the sweaty fighters sit on boxes of product because he can’t afford a warehouse. He’s trying to take over Capella’s territory, but keeps stumbling until he has a brilliant idea. This “idea” coincides with Vinny Chow’s desires but ends up backfiring in numerous hilarious ways.

Lo Mang 3 Crop

Played by Lo Meng
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Hong Kong action film legend, Lo Meng (Ip Man 2, Five Venoms, Kid with the Golden Arms) plays Chinatown Triad boss Hung Phat. Although in his 60s, this snake-eyed Chinatown Triad boss is still boyish in looks, but not in action. He is insanely furious about how the Italians stole Chinese noodles and pass them off as their own spaghetti. He is ruthless, runs a gambling den, has a mad laugh, and is no-nonsense. He prefers Chinese water torture and Kung-fu fighting over guns when making his points and makes them fast and often. He would rather fight to run everything and lose, than work with the Italians.    

Chiu Chi Ling - Made in Chinatown Movie

Played by Chiu Chi Ling
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Kung-fu film legend, Chiu Chi Ling (Kung-Fu Hustle, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow) plays Philadelphia Triad boss Hai Chu. He and Hung Phat have a storied past, and when Hai Chu crashes the NY mob boss meeting, the mayhem begins.

Shuya Chang - Made in Chinatown

Played by Shuya Chang
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The lovely Shuya Chang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Sneakhead, Revenge of the Green Dragons) plays May Wong, the charming and artistic girl next door. May lives down the block from Vinny and has known, and loved, him forever. She is a self-starter and sure of who she is, as evidenced in her brilliant paintings, the opening of her own art gallery, and her ability to nicely turn down suitor after suitor in wait for Vinny. She loves Vinny for his “authentic heart” but also “tells it like it is” when she sees him going too far astray. Though Vinny does not return her affection, she is hopeful and always around. She is a kung-fu expert under the tutelage of Master Tak Wah Eng.

James lew punch

Played by James Lew
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Emmy Award Winner and action cinema’s favorite bad guy, James Lew (Marvel's Luke Cage, Inception, Big Trouble in Little China) plays Lew, Hung Phat’s right hand man and strong-arm enforcer. He’s a man of deep loyalty and few words but is quick with action and is masterful at kung-fu. Lew does what is asked of him and takes down those who cross Hung Phat.

Tony Rossi - Made in Chinatown

Played by Tony Ray Rossi 
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Wiseguy fan favorite Tony Ray Rossi ("The Sopranos," Donny Brasco, Analyze This) plays Fountain Soda Eddie, Under Boss of Amadore Condimento. He is also the uncle of Joey Risotto, “Vinny” Chow’s best friend. Eddie is responsible for making sure every restaurant and shop in Brooklyn keeps their fountain soda syrups in overstock. He’s a bully who demands respect and is pivotal in getting Vinny to do the MOB’s dirty work under the guise of a Hung Phat double cross.

Jay Kwon - Made in Chinatown 2

Played by Jay Kwon
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Jay Kwon ("Iron Fist", Zombies, Who is Slim?) plays Vincent “Vinny” Chow, our Chinese hero who feels like a failure and doesn’t fit in with his own culture. Instead, he wants respect, charisma, power, la dolce vita – in other words, he wants to be “Made,” to become an Italian Wiseguy like the heroes in all his favorite movies. Vinny rejects his Chinese culture as he tries to win the Italian girl of his dreams, prove himself worthy of MOB membership and even goes against his owns Chinatown to gain respect. With the help of his kung-fu master, the Chinese girl next door, a gay Black actor, and New York’s famous fortunetellers, Vinny finds Chinese culture at the center of who he truly is.

Paul Borghese - Made in Chinatown

Played by Paul Borghese
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Talented actor and director Paul Borghese (Back in the Day, "Law & Order: SVU," Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn), , plays Al Capella's Little Italy underboss Frankie, overseeing Paulie and Danny Boy. He's smart, funny, and gets a little overexcited at times. Will he jeopardize the MOB while trying to take down the Triad? Wait and see... Fuhgeddaboudit.

Chris caldovinio - Made in Chinatown

Played by Chris Caldovino
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Chris Caldovino ("Boardwalk Empire," "The Sopranos," Wolf of Wallstreet) plays Paulie, Under Boss of Manhattan Boss Al Capella. He leads two other wiseguys, Paulie and Michael, to do Capella’s dirty work. They rough up Brooklyn boys Vito and Luigi and have several run-ins with “Vinny” Chow that are as hilarious as they are scary for our haphazard hero.

Tisha Tinsman - Made in Chinatown Movie

Played by Tisha Tinsman
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The lovely and talented Tisha Tinsman (The Irishman, Vito Bonafacci, Finders Keepers) plays Mrs. DiPocco, mother of Tina. She is a neighborhood mom who is direct, unimpressed and enjoys thumbing through lingerie catalogs... just in case she has a gentleman caller.

Zach Beyer - Made in Chinatown Movie 2

Played by Zach Beyer
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Zach Beyer ( plays Vito, the third hand wiseguy in Condimento's Brooklyn crew. He has a good heart and still chases the ladies more than collects debts. But they keep him around because of the old days and he tries to keep up.

Goumba Johnny Made in Chinatown

Played by John Sialiano
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Stand-up comedian John Sialiano (Cop Show, Goumba Johnny Stand Up) plays Luigi, who thinks and acts like a Wiseguy but his constant asides and fumbling of orders makes him less-than-feared. He is one of Condimento’s Brooklyn boys, but follows the commands of Fountain Soda Eddie to do what needs doing.

Theresa Moriarty - Made in Chinatown 1

Played by Theresa Moriarty
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Model and actress Theresa Moriarty plays Tina, the Italian love interest of "Vinny" Chow. She is "looking out for her future," which means she only dares "Made Guys" who have money, cars, fame, power... and Vinny has none of them. When she does agree to go shake down a deli with "Vinny," everything goes hilariously wrong 

Stefano Da Fre Made in Chinatown

Played by Stefano De Fre
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Dynamic actor Stefano De Fre (Taking Woodstock, American Fango, One Bad Choice), plays Rocco, the neighborhood Guido who catches Tina's attention and keeps at it, until our hero puts up a stand... then he's back at it again. Does he get Tina in the end? 

Tak Wah Eng

Played by Tak Wah Eng
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Kung-fu grandmaster Tak Wah Eng (Revenge of the Green Dragons, The Streets), plays himself. He is Chinatown’s established kung-fu master and has been teaching Vinny and May since they were kids. He is fond of playing mahjong and worries for Vinny as he overhears news that Hung Phat is on his trail. Master Eng offers Vinny cover, treats his wounds with traditional medicine when Vinny is beaten by the Italians, gets him together with May as he recovers, and fights by his side when the time comes.

headshot_shingka crop

Played by Shing Ka
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Multi-talented Shing Ka (Revenge of the Green Dragons, The Manchurian Candidate), plays Ming, Hung Phat’s left hand man with steely-eyes and Elvis hair. He runs his mahjong parlor and beats up the drunk and rowdy. His eyes are intimidating enough and when he gives “the look” people shake. When they don’t, his fists do the talking. He is cool as ice and hard as steel.

Fenton Li - Made in Chinatown 3 crop

Played by Fenton Li
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Fenton Li ("The Blacklist," The Grief of Others), plays Mr. Chow, the father of Vinny and several more children. Why so many kids? Because he follows traditional Chinese herbs to keep his “Jade Stalk” active. Alongside his perversions is a deep respect for traditional Chinese ways and he just does not understand where Vinny’s Chinese accent went or why he eats so much pasta! Yet, he loves his son, and becomes very proud of what he accomplishes in the story.

Partricia Lee Chu - Made in Chinatown

Played by Patricia Lee Chu

Patricia Lee Chu ("Orange is the New Black,"), plays Mrs. Chow, the mother of Vinny Chow and his 6 siblings. Why so many offspring? Because she is a traditional Chinese woman, set in old ways of being home and taking care of family. She does not understand Vinny or his motivations at all. Her character provides counter-point to both Vinny and his father. And when pressed, she breaks out the moves like only Lady Kung-Fu can!

Timothy Chivalette - Made in Chiantown crop

Played by Timothy Chivalette
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Timothy Chivalette (The Sound of Magic, Shithead), plays Joey Risotto, a chubby Italian guy in his 20s, is Vinny’s best friend and confidant. He is understanding of Vinny’s desire for a different culture because he himself prefers Mexican women and food to Italian, though he works at a pizza shop. Joey is also friends with Lawrence, the gay Black acting coach, show more of his open-minded views and good heart. Joey is the nephew of “Fountain Soda” Eddie, who works for Condimento, and he gets Vinny a “side job” with the MOB that ends up being more trouble than it’s worth.

Manny Brown - Made in Chinatown

Played by Emmanuel Brown
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Multi-talented Emmanuel Brown ("Elementary," "Gotham," "Iron Fist") plays Lawrence, the gay Shakespearean actor living the theatre life in Greenwich Village. He is also a martial arts expert and admires Jim Kelly, Ron van Clief, and Michael Jai White and fights like them when the fight comes calling. Lawrence is secure in who he is but doesn’t fully understand Vinny’s drive to be Italian. Nonetheless, he is crucial in helping Vinny achieve the dream and then get out of the nightmare it soon becomes.

Geoff Lee

Played by Geoff Lee
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Diverse character actor and NY Chinatown fixture Geoff Lee (The Streets, Revenge of the Green Dragon), plays Liu the Ancient. He's Chinatown’s respected herbalist, whose long white beard attaches him to another time and place. His shop is filled with barrels and boxes of traditional Chinese herbs and tonics. His specialty is libido products. He is wise and cunning and can turn a phrase to invoke a reversal on our hero “Vinny” Chow when being “shaken down.”

Artie Pasquale - Made in Chinatown

Played by Artie Pasquale
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Diverse character actor Artie Pasquale ("The Sopranos," American Fango, The Brooklyn Banker), plays Felone, a Brooklyn shop owner whose clerks bought product from Manhattan and now he faces Boss Condimento to explain himself and receive his punishment.

William DeMeo - Made in Chinatown

Played by William DeMeo
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William DeMeo (Gotti, Analyze That, Back in the Day) plays Produce Joe. He's the MOB's trusted produce delivery man, who also happens to deliver to the Chow Family produce stand in Chinatown. He and the horny Mr. Chow have a lot of fun comparing produce to body parts, but when tensions mount, he turns from mild-mannered delivery guy to mafia fighter.

Joseph D'Onofrio Made in Chinatown

Played by Joseph D'Onofrio
Actor IMDB Info

Talented character actor Joseph D'Onofrio (A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas, Are We There Yet), plays Donny the Baker. He Little Italy's beloved bakery co-owner who has a heart of gold and a mouth that writes checks he can't cash. 

Celia Au - Made in Chinatown

Played by Celia Au
Actor IMDb Info

Celia Au ("Iron Fist," People Places Things, Revenge of the Green Dragon), plays Suzie Wong. She is the little sister of May Wong, but unlike her refined big sister, Suzie is a bit brash, to the point, and spills the beans on Vinny which turns the story...  

Jeff Pirrami Made in Chinatown

Played by Jeff "Fat Rat Bastard" Pirrami 
Actor Website

Crazy funny stand-up comedian Jeff "Fat Rat Bastard" Pirrami does a hilarious cameo as "Salame the Deli Man." He exchanges words of wit - and a whole bunch of insults - when our Chinese hero, "Vinny" Chow tries to shake down his Deli to impress a girl!

Danny Collingo - Made in Chinatown Movie

Danny Boy
Played by Danny Collingo

Newcomer Danny Colingo (The Four aces) plays Danny Boy, Al Capella's Manhattan crew member who talk like DiNero to get his point across. Only thing is, he's not too bright and forgets the plot several times.

Gine Lui - Made in Chinatown

Noodle Maker
Played by Gine Liu
Actor IMDB Info

Gine Lui (The Corrupter, Detective Chinatown 2) plays the Noodle Maker. She runs the resident noodle house that supplies noodles and buns to Chinatown restaurants. She is very unamused when Vinny Chow starts pushing his weight around, trying to force Italian products in her shop. She kicks his ass in funny ways!

Bob Martin Made in Chinatown
Bobby Samuels Made in Chinatown

Played by Bob Martin & Bobby Samuels
IMDB: Samuels and Martin

The Special Agents Johnson, head the New York Dept of Food Handling, Safety and Hygiene. Yes, that's a real thing (in this movie). They are sometimes referred to as Johnson & Johnson, but prefer The Two Johnsons. They are following the MOB's illegal storage and selling of spices and condiments that is making people ill, and in the process find our hero caught up in a mess of trouble. Things get scary, but they have a plan!

Geoff Lee Made in Chinatown
Shing Ka

Played by Shing Ka & Geoff Lee

Knowledge and Wisdom are a pair of homeless fortunetellers who work the crowd at Washington Square Park. They are known as the All-Knowing Jade Brothers, and have a habit of raunchily bickering among themselves, bragging about feats they cannot achieve, while giving advice to their clients. Together, they hear Vinny’s tale and advise him on his course of action.